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Although every project is unique, we follow the same basic steps.

STEP #1: Meeting of the Minds

Every project begins with me sitting down with you, the homeowner, to discuss ideas for your outdoor space. How will you use the space?

Do you favor informal or formal designs? Will you be doing outdoor entertaining? Are there children to consider? Ideally you’ll have photos of gardens and clippings from magazines to share.

STEP #2: The Tour

Next we walk the property together. As we go, I’ll begin to visualize what can be: first the hardscaping, then the trees, shrubs and flowers that will become part of a whole that looks beautiful, matures well, thrives, and most important, makes you happy

STEP #3: 3-D Presentation

With what I’ve learned from you, I apply my design skills and horticultural knowledge to create a comprehensive design. Then we will take a virtual walk together through your garden-to-be, giving you a chance to experience your new space before we ever break ground. This provides you an opportunity to really visualize the project and make design changes.

STEP #4: Budgets and Timetables

When we meet next, I will bring a formal proposal with a budget and construction timetable. Some homeowners choose to proceed in phases, which is fine. With everything set, our team gets to work.